Curbside Appeal - Does it Matter?

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Curbside appeal is more than making your home pretty; it can make or break a sale. You want to make your home as appealing and welcoming as possible so that potential homebuyers will be eager to see the inside. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 63 percent of homebuyers who see a visually appealing house online will make an effort to stop by and visit. The first object any visitor sees is the exterior of a house. To make your home stand out in the market, follow these helpful tips on how to create a beckoning curbside appeal.

View Your Home as a Potential Buyer. Walk around the yard and the perimeter of your property with a critical eye. Drive by the house slowly in both directions and see if anything looks unpleasant or “off.†This view will give you a base to work with for improvements.

Look at the Roof. Your roof and gutters may simply need a good cleaning to make it appealing, but if the roof looks shabby, consider a replacement to increase the value.

Consider Your House Numbers. Be sure that your numbers stand out and are easily seen. Match the style of the number plaque to coordinate or contrast with the style of your home.

Pressure Wash. Nothing cleans a deck, driveway, or the siding of your house like a good pressure washing.

Plant Colorful Flowers. Color adds so much to your home's curbside appeal. Plant pretty flowers in pots on the porch, deck, and planter boxes. A pro tip: Never use fake flowers.

Freshen up the Trim. Paint the door trim, window frames, and shutters to brighten and freshen up your home overall.

Follow the above simple steps and your home will have great curbside appeal.

Source: HGTV