Did you know you need a Permit for THAT?

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Home Improvement

Many don't realize that some common home improvements may need a permit.

Here is a brief list of projects that typically require a building permit:

Fences. Before you put in a new fence, check with both your local government and your homeowner's association (if applicable). While not all fences need a permit, there are often height restrictions, or you may be limited to a particular type of fencing and specific landscaping.

Remodeling the kitchen/bathroom. This includes moving any interior or exterior plumbing or wiring and knocking down interior walls. If you plan on installing a gas stove, this too will require a permit.
Changing the footprint.  Any change to the footprint of your home will require a permit. This encompasses building a deck, adding a room, a garage or shed or even constructing storm shelters and safe rooms.

Putting in new windows or doors.

Putting on new siding.

Installing water heaters or ventilation projects

Check with your contractor before getting the work done.