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The FamilyHomesGa Team partners with InFocusPlus to bring you Income Opportunities as a property owner.

InFocusPlus - I've Been ScoutedOn Site Filming Locations:

It is fun!  See your home on the big screen and make money doing it.   Productions film on location
all the time.  As a matter of fact, the average 1 hour episode in a series has, on average, 14 on location
scenes per episode.  

Property owners are paid on average from $500 to $5000 per day to use their property for filming.
Some more epic properties do command more $ but on average an amount in that range is what
you can expect. 

How to place a FREE Property Ad to be considered:

Go to InFocusPlus.Com
Click on the "Place A Property Ad" button in the upper right hand corner
Register - all they want is your name, email and phone number so they can contact you when a 
great opportunity comes your way

Then place your property ad - it takes about 5 minutes to do.

Common Asks by Productions:

Retro Homes
Homes with mature trees around them
Retro Kitchens
Modern Kitchens
60's style Kitchens
Lake Front Property
Long Driveways
Office Space
Traditional American Style Homes
Super Contemporary Homes
Horse Farms
Homes with Pools
and so much more......
However, to be considered you MUST have a property ad on InFocusPlus.Com

Housing for Cast and Crew at InFocusPlusHousing for Cast and Crew:

When in town to film many cast and crew prefer a private residence to a hotel.   Budgets range from
$2000 per month to $75,000 per month and everywhere in-between.  The most common budget in 
the Atlanta / Gwinnett area is between $3000-$8000 per month for a Single Family Residence, Condo
or Townhome.  Of course, location, amenities and size determine the price - often prices are slightly below
airbnb rates.

-Why are they below you ask?  The average lease time is about 100 days for a production. They work all the
time, up to 16 hours a day and up to 6 days a week, so there is very low wear and tear on the property, usually.
In addition, there are no down days of unused time or cost to clean in-between the constant churn of a typical
VBRO or AirBnB property.  For those benefits production assumes a slight discount to the avg nightly rate.

The properties should be "Suitcase Ready" which means the InFocusPlus client will come in with their
suitcase and everything they need should be there from Spoons to TV to Sheets.  When they are done 
they will take their suitcase and leave.  

All types of properties are welcome from a room in your home to an In-Law-Suite to an Investment Property.
If you have the ability to stay with a friend or family member it may be quite lucrative for you to lease out your
own place.  Investment properties welcome.  

To place a FREE Property Ad go to InFocusPlus.Com and in the upper right hand corner click
Place a Property Ad - it takes just a few minutes and you have to be on the site for consideration.


Call InFocusPlus for more information:
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X5 Atlanta & Gwinnett
X6 NYC & Hudson Valley
X3 Boston
X701 Metro Atlanta East (Covington, Madison, Lake Oconee, and surrounding areas)

Email: Info@InFocusPlus.Com

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The owners of InFocusPlus are licensed Realtors in the State of GA
InFocusPlus is a DBA for InFocusGa LLC